Soroor Soolaaf Masieh Young Children, 2014/15

Foyer Gallery Exhibitions

Through my Eyes

Curated by Lauren Mustillo

Featuring Soroor Soolaaf Masieh

Showing 18 May until 16 July 2015
Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm daily (closed public holidays)

Exhibition Opening Saturday 30 May 3:00pm – 5:00pm. All welcome.

Through my eyes is a collection of figurative and portraiture paintings by Ahwazian artist Soroor Soolaaf Masieh that concentrate on portraying a spectrum of human emotions. To see the world through another’s eyes is to attempt to understand a different point of perspective on a truly human level. By portraying a variety of emotions, Soroor aims to instil the viewer with a sense of commonality that spans across race, ethnicity, age and gender, to highlight similarities rather than differences.

Drawn to the nuances of facial inflections, Soroor’s practice is steeped in quiet observation. Time is spent looking, studying and perceiving. Through this process she aims to identify the idiosyncrasies of expressions and muscle movements that can reveal deeper thoughts and emotions.

Soroor has been painting from the age of 10 years old and is entirely self-taught – another aspect of her practice relying on attentive observation. She learnt skills by reading books and looking at paintings to train her eyes to identify the different techniques used to achieve certain styles.

 With the exception of her self-portrait with cat, her portraits don’t portray anyone in particular. Instead, they become vessels for overarching human sensitivities; sorrow, grief, joy, comfort, apprehension. Sometimes the subjects don’t immediately reveal their thoughts to the viewer. Yet we know they’re there - veiled beneath the surface. We are left to speculate, a process which beckons consideration of the character as a whole – what could they be thinking, what led them here? To answer these questions we are compelled to try and understand, to satiate one of our most basic universal human needs – the need to connect. 

detail: Two Children, 2014/15

The Artist Soroor Soolaaf Masieh

Born in 1989 in the Arabic speaking Al-Ahwaz in Southern Iran, Soroor now lives in Adelaide with her husband and two young children. Soroor and her family left Ahwaz as refugees and comprise part of the small Ahwazian community of about 500 people in South Australia. Soroor’s dream is to continue creating art to showcase her passion and love for painting to a broad range of people.

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    EXHIBITION: Through my Eyes


    Carclew, 11 Jeffcott Street, North Adelaide


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