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Strands of Identity

Exhibition dates: 30 March – 22 May 2016
Curator: Ingrid Goetz
Artists: Seirian Kitchener, Aida Azin, Chelsea Nicholls and Jessica Nolan
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Cutorial Statement:

What shapes our identity? 

How do the spaces that we inhabit, our family history or ethnicity, memories of events (real or imagined), or our appearance contribute to our sense of who we are as unique individuals? How do these and many other influences interact to contribute to our sense of identity?

This exhibition illustrates some of the different strands that weave together in the process of forming our identity.

About the Artists:

Seirian Kitchener
‘Tidy house, tidy mind’, instructs an old aphorism. If true, then the characteristic untidiness of my house would suggest an untidiness of mind. This perception misreads an order that things can assume for themselves, as they jostle for space and make a claim for their own being: their ‘thingness’.

Order is defined by its opposite. These paintings of my cluttered things are a study of this paradox, and offer a contemplation of the dynamic which exists between our things and ourselves.
Seirian Kitchener is an emerging artist whose work involves drawing, painting and installation.

Aida Azin
The themes explored in these paintings are informed by Azin’s Filipino-Iranian background and how this affects a person’s perspective to shape their identity.

In 2015 Aida graduated from the Bachelor of Visual Art degree at Adelaide College of the Arts, South Australia. She has received funding from Carclew Youth Arts for a mentorship project with Filipino painter, Jeona Zoleta, to commence in Manila in 2016.

Chelsea Nicholls
Chelsea works predominantly with acrylic paint and watercolours. Chelsea aims to blur the boundaries between the realistic and the abstract, the recognisable and the unrecognisable in an attempt to imitate the transition of consciousness to unconsciousness experienced while falling asleep. She has a strong interest in depicting faces and figures, mainly through painting, sketching and photography.

Jessica Nolan
Jessica explores the concept of the Emotional Geographies of place and their relationship to memory and individual sensory experience. The objects and places that people hold on to regardless of their origins all accrete their own stories that are specific to the individual who owns them. The notion that every emotion or empathetic connection to the physical world is understood through memory of a previous interaction is pivotal to the consideration of Emotional Geographies; it is these ideas that drive this work.

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Strands of Identity Opening

When: 21 April

Where: Carclew Foyer Gallery, 11 Jeffcott St, North Adelaide

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