Foyer Gallery Exhibitions

Millennials in Residence

Exhibition dates: 3 August - 1 September
Where: Ballroom Gallery
Curator: Current curator in residence Ingrid Goetz 
Artists: Current artist in residence Chelsea Nicholls and Henry Stentiford

Carclew's SALA exhibition - Millennials in Residence - explores some of the struggles facing young people in today's uncertain world. Countering the often heard descriptions of Millennials as being ‘entitled’ and ’narcissistic', the exhibition highlights the complexity of the feelings and challenges encountered by our generation.

Exhibition Forum & Opening

Wednesday 3 August
Forum, 6 - 7.30pm
Opening, 7.30pm-9pm

Carclew Foyer Gallery
11 Jeffcott St
North Adelaide 5006

FORUM: Commercialism Meets Art: Drawing the Right Balance
What is the best balance to strike in making art and sustaining your bank balance? We talk to artists at different stages of their careers as well as the people who provide commercial avenues of revenue.

Light refreshments care of Alpha Box & Dice.

Exhibition continues til 1 September, open Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm

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Artist in Session

Saturday 13 August
10am - 4pm


Dreaming / Awake

Exhibition dates: 22 May - 1 September
Where: Foyer Gallery
Curator: Ingrid Goetz 
Artists: Lana Adams, Steph Fuller, Maya Kolega and Alice Blanch

Dreaming / Awake explores the way in which images can inspire in us a dream-like state, can change our mood and convey emotions, simply by capturing a moment in time in a certain way.

Through the lenses of Alice Blanch and Lana Adams we are transported to New Zealand, a country we may never have visited. While viewing these works we imagine ourselves to be in the expansive, majestic and visceral landscape, which can inspire feelings of wonder, perhaps a sense of calm, or even wanderlust. We are in a dream and yet we are awake.

Maya Kolega's work carries us away into a dreamscape that plays with the idea of partially forgotten dreams, capturing the moment of waking, the identity of our dream self instantly forgotten. Steph Fuller's images pull the viewer into a place and time, a feeling and a state of mind, through the way in which she captures her world, as though for the first time, after the death of a loved one.

These images inspire feelings within us, we are enveloped by them, transported to another realm... it's as though we are dreaming and yet we are awake.


 IMAGE: detail, Life Changing Perfume, Henry Stentiford, 2016, 90 x 60cm, acrylic on wood board

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Key Dates

  • Aug 03
    Sep 09
    SALA at Carclew - Millennials in Residence


    Carclew Foyer Gallery


    Carclew's SALA exhibition - Millennials in Residence - explores some of the struggles facing young people in today's uncertain world.


    9am - 5pm