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Julia Townsend, Living Skull no. 10, oil on board, 64.0 x 49.0 cm, 2014
Julia Townsend, Living Skull no. 10, oil on board, 64.0 x 49.0 cm, 2014

La Danse Macabre

Curated by Craig Robert Middleton | Featuring Chris Callaghan and Julia Townsend

Showing 13 November until 8 December 2014
Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm daily

Exhibition Opening | 6 – 8 pm, Thursday 13 November.  All welcome.

La Danse Macabre presents the work of two contemporary visual artists working in two opposing mediums who explore the theme of death in very different ways. Death is something that, as humans, we cannot escape. The theme of death has always had an important place in art history and has been interpreted in countless ways to remind us of the inevitability of death and the fragility of life. Julia Townsend and Chris Callaghan present just a slice of how diversely Australian contemporary artists explore the human preoccupation with death.

The Artists

Chris Callaghan is an Adelaide based photographic artist. He has an academic background in graphic design, film and television production, and has worked for ABC Adelaide mostly with outside broadcasts such as Q&A. In 2012, Chris travelled to India on what he described as a ‘photographic adventure’ exploring his chosen medium on an entirely new level. Chris recently exhibited his work as part of the Format Festival in Adelaide.

Julia Townsend is an oil painter living and working in Adelaide. Townsend has studied at the University of Adelaide and the Adelaide Central School of Art majoring in oil painting. In 2014 Julia participated in a Figure Painting Intensive with Studio Escalier in Argenton, France. For Julia, every painting is a new experience and the merging of the inner artistic world with her observations of an external reality. Recently she exhibited with RAW artists’ initiative in Adelaide.

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EXHIBITION: La Danse Macabre
13 Nov
08 Dec

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Caitlin Eyre and Craig Robert Middleton

08 8267 5111


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