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Dreaming / Awake

Exhibition dates: 22 May - 24 July
Curator: Ingrid Goetz 
Artists: Lana Adams, Steph Fuller, Maya Kolega and Alice Blanch

Cutorial Statement:

This exhibition explores the way in which images can inspire in us a dream-like state, can change our mood and convey emotions, simply by capturing a moment in time in a certain way.

Through the lenses of Alice Blanch and Lana Adams we are transported to New Zealand, a country we may never have visited. While viewing these works we imagine ourselves to be in the expansive, majestic and visceral landscape, which can inspire feelings of wonder, perhaps a sense of calm, or even wanderlust. We are in a dream and yet we are awake.

Maya Kolega's work carries us away into a dreamscape that plays with the idea of partially forgotten dreams, capturing the moment of waking, the identity of our dream self instantly forgotten. Steph Fuller's images pull the viewer into a place and time, a feeling and a state of mind, through the way in which she captures her world, as though for the first time, after the death of a loved one.

These images inspire feelings within us, we are enveloped by them, transported to another realm... it is as though we are dreaming and yet we are awake.

About the Artists:

Lana Adams
Lana Adams is an emerging photographic artist who primarily explores the themes of place, home and memory within her work. Her work is intimate, personal and biographic. Connections to place form her main focus, often examining her relationship to spaces in the Adelaide Hills and how these are informed by personal relationships.

Taking root is a series of photographs taken whilst travelling throughout New Zealand in late 2015. Made in an attempt to bridge the gap between unfamiliarity and familiarity in a land that has ties to her family heritage but that she has no formed relationship with. Using the camera as an attempt to get close whilst also staying at a distance, her resulting photographs aim to navigate this new relationship.

Steph Fuller
Steph Fuller is a South Australian visual artist. She completed a Master of Visual Art at UniSA in 2014 and is currently working towards her next solo exhibition. Fuller employs a very particular and recognizable use of light to charge her subjects with new qualities.

We are different when we are troubled. We see differently. We are pulled down, defeated, to lie flat like water across the lowest plane. All else washes over us and we lose track of days and time. In this submerged state, we can lay unmoving and undisturbed, wholly present to the little unrealised wonders of our surroundings.

These works reflect the way that my perception of my surroundings changed in the wake of losing a relative to suicide. Surfaces became landscapes. Tiny movements had great resonance. Stillness became unnerving. Small things became monoliths and empty spaces became vast expanses of tense air.

Just like the viewing of a photograph, there was nothing I could do but submit to the stillness and be wholly submerged in it.

Maya Kolega
Maya Kolega is a passionate and determined emerging artist, committed to her creative journey. She studied at the University of South Australia where she completed a degree in Visual Arts (Photography). Maya creates images through photography and illustration.

I have found the process of recalling a dream to be nearly impossible; there are always important elements of the dream missing. These works depicts dreams that I have tried to re-construct, where a significant element of the dream, in this case the face, is missing. In its place is a glistening light. In each scene, I chose to obscure the face of each subject to hide his or her identity, in a sense creating a 'mask' which adds to the dream-like quality of each image.

I want the viewer to experience the feeling I have when I wake from a dream. The feeling of being pulled into a mysterious world, created by the fusion of an unconscious and conscious act, which creates an un-expected beauty that is beyond real life.

Alice Blanch
Alice Blanch is an emerging Australian photographer influenced by the ephemeral nature of the sky and its relationship to the landscape below. Alice has a strong connection to the natural world; her photographic artwork is a visual representation of her personal experiences and understanding of the phenomena of nature.

‘Between Sunrises’ is a collection of photographs inspired by the simple act of being. Being present in the moment, being aware of my surroundings, and being open to what I encounter.

Being physically and mentally present in the natural landscape is a powerful feeling, rich with connection, understanding and a sense of belonging. These photographs were created through various personal encounters with the landscape of the South Island of New Zealand.

All the photographs were captured on medium format film in a Hasselbad CM camera during a three month artistic residency in late 2015. These photographs are a selection of images from a larger body of work.

Dreaming / Awake Opening

5:30 - 7:30
Thursday 2 June 2016

Carclew Foyer Gallery
11 Jeffcott St
North Adelaide 5006

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    This exhibition explores the way in which images can inspire in us a dream-like state, can change our mood and convey emotions, simply by capturing a moment in time in a certain way


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