Foyer Gallery Exhibitions

Meditating States

18 September – 17

A group exhibition of contemporary textiles by four members of the Chopped Collective at Carclew Foyer Gallery 

Exhibition opening Wednesday 23 September 5:30 - 7:00 pm
Curated by Lauren Mustillo 
Featuring Sarah Thame

This and the other

Sarah Thame’s work operates in a state of in-between-ness. Her delicate black and white prints are simultaneously of this world and other-worldly. Familiar imagery from the natural world immaterialises into abstract forms, evoking a sense of the micro and the macro of the cosmos.

Imagery undulates and spills over itself, free flowing. These abstracted worlds are perceptually disorientating, without any clear indicator of anything fixed or solid, creating a sense of infinite space.

These abstracted forms are visceral and evocative, expressing the emotional and the personal, used to explore external world, mediating and exploring the interconnectedness of our many states of being. 

Lauren Mustillo, Curator

Artist Statements

Sarah Thame

I am interested in the way imagery forms when basic marks and shapes shift into elaborate arrangements over time. Incising a permanent mark into the plate to be printed has the capacity to express beyond its fundamental appearance.

During the making process I explore the dimensions of my inner and physical life. The meditative engagement with the materials allows time for internal reflection. The resulting prints endeavour to convey the transition that occurs in the course of the making process. These prints trace the moments of reconciliation between the inner and physical world, when imperceptible periods of reflection coalesce into material form.

Sarah Thames graduated from the Adelaide College of the Arts in 2014 and is currently a resident at Carclew’s Fifth Quarter, an arts business incubator that supports the professional development of emerging and early career artists. Sarah is the 2015 recipient of the Carclew IAF Franz Kempf Printmaker Award.


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  • Sep 18
    Nov 02
    EXHIBITION: Meditating States


    Carclew, 11 Jeffcott Street, North Adelaide


    An exhibition in Carclew's Foyer Gallery


    Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm