Julia Townsend, Living Skull no. 10, oil on board, 64.0 x 49.0 cm, 2014

Foyer Gallery Exhibitions

South Australia: Heaps Good

Curated by Caitlin Eyre and Craig Robert Middleton

Featuring Lana Adams, Alice Blanch, Lucy Brewin, Eric W Brumfield, Natasha Filippi, Mitch Hearn, Madeline Reece and Lucy Timbrell

Showing 9 December 2014 until late January 2015
Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm daily (click here for Christmas closure dates)

Exhibition Opening | at the Carclew Dusk Arts Market, 6:30-9pm, Tuesday 9 December 2014.  All welcome.

South Australia boasts long summers, stunning beaches and award-winning wine, events and festivals. The unique landscape and culture is a muse to artists in all creative fields. This group exhibition explores the use of South Australian landscapes, icons and landmarks as subjects for young South Australian artists. The works presented reference different experiences, meanings and ideas of what it is to be South Australian and the aesthetic splendour of our great southern state. South Australia: it’s Heaps Good.

The Artists

Lana Adams is an emerging photographic artist who explores connections to place through her work, often focusing on her relationship to spaces in the Adelaide Hills. She completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design at the Adelaide College of the Arts in 2012 and was the subsequent recipient of the College’s Arts Excellence Award. In November 2014 Lana recently completed her Honours studies at the University of South Australia. She held her first exhibition, Terra Firma, in The Reading Room in 2012, and has had her work featured in a number of group exhibitions at Salad Days, Hill Smith Gallery, The Mill and Carclew. Lana’s work was also featured in the 2013 Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition.

Alice Blanch is an emerging photographer who is influenced by the ephemeral nature of the sky and its relationship to the landscape below. Alice has a strong connection to the natural world and is passionate about analogue photography; her photographic artwork is a visual representation of her personal experiences and understanding of the phenomena of nature. She undertook a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the South Australian School of Art in 2010. Since completing her Honours at the University of Tasmania in 2012, Alice has travelled and exhibited her artworks extensively around Australia in solo and group exhibitions.

Lucy Brewin is an emerging visual artist. Lucy is based in Adelaide and completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts with the University of South Australia in 2010 majoring in textiles and screen printing. In 2011 Lucy made the first of two overseas trips around Europe and America. It was in Europe that she established her love of watercolour painting and a greater appreciation of landscapes and architecture. Since returning from her most recent overseas trip Lucy's work has been focused on creating a collection that represents the great big world around her and the experiences that one can achieve through its exploration.

Eric W Brumfield is an emerging photographer who is living and practicing his art in Adelaide. He is currently studying a Diploma of Photo Imaging at CATC Design School, Melbourne and his work is constantly evolving. Eric purchased his first camera at the age of 16 and since has been enamored with capturing moments. He also works commercially as a club photographer for various Adelaide institutions to which his unique style is well received.

Natasha Filippi is an emerging artist living and working in South Australia. In 2011 she completed Bachelor in Visual Arts, specialising in Drawing, Painting and Printmaking at the University of South Australia.  Her work is embedded with beauty, humour and whimsy.  Natasha takes influences from her friends, family and obsession popular culture. Recently she co-curated, and featured in, Ambiguous as well as running an Artist in Residence Cartoon workshop for primary school aged children.

Mitch Hearn is an emerging visual artist based in Adelaide, South Australia. He studied a Bachelor of Media Arts at the University of South Australia and has worked at Carclew and various city councils teaching illustration, animation and multimedia skills to young children. Mitch mostly works in video art and animation. Among other private and public video installations his work is significantly displayed on the Rundle Lantern in the heart of Adelaide.

Madeline Reece is an emerging artist living and working in Adelaide, South Australia.  She completed her Bachelor of Visual Arts through the South Australian School of Art in 2009 and has recently graduated from the Masters in Curatorial and Museum Studies program at Adelaide University. Madeline’s Masters Research project focused on the use of optical and visual illusions in Australian art since the 1960s, examining the intricate mix between art and science. As both an aspiring curator and visual artist this dialogue between science and art remains at the centre of her practice, with her own art embracing the methodical aspects of illusionism.

Lucy Timbrell is an emerging Adelaide printmaker who recently graduated from Adelaide College of the Arts. Her work has been featured in several local exhibitions. Lucy teaches at the Ruth Tuck Art School, which she attended herself for many years. She is heavily influenced by the relationship between humans and nature, and often incorporates birds and cityscapes into her work.

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